About the Shakespeare-In-Hospitals Program

The Shakespeare-In-Hospitals Program combines classical text with modern storytelling to engage audiences facing isolation due to healing/transitional purposes.

To go through a healing/transitional process currently means to be removed from one's community to focus on “getting better". The Shakespeare-In-Hospitals Program provides opportunities for artistic community engagement throughout the healing/transitional process, when and where audiences wish to engage.

The program works in three formats:

Staged Performance - A performance space with a designated area and time for audiences to attend. Audiences range from 2-100 people. All actors remain onstage for the run. The performance is followed by a question and answer period discussing the theme of the material.

Open-Space (Street-Theatre Style) Performance- A non-traditional public performance space with no designated area for audiences to sit. Patron traffic in these areas are high (as it is likely a cafeteria), and the actors must break up the performance into individual scenes to cater to audiences in this space.

Private Room Performance - Individualized scenes and monologues catered to patient bedrooms. Patients can choose scenes and plays from the company’s repertoire. A mini question and answer period is provided after each performance.

The project tours to hospitals, hospices, shelters and senior residences across Toronto and parts of Ontario from the conclusion of rehearsals in mid-October to early December of each year, focusing on facilities that service arts priority areas.

About the Homecoming Gala

After three months of touring, our ensemble is ready to bring the story home to share with friends, peers and family. It’s time to get glammed up and celebrate retro-style as we celebrate this season’s close just like we did our prom: with classy drinks, hors d’oeuvres, and Vitamin C’s Graduation Song. Join us on the red carpet for a photo-op or two as we share our experiences from this year’s tour along with our 2018 production Home Is Just Another Name For You.

Play Synopsis

Henry has the crown. Joan has the plan. Richard has the country. The Dauphin has the law. But what do all these words mean anyway?

“Words are the source of misunderstandings… It is only with the heart that one can see rightly.”